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The HP 509 Headphones Amplifier

HP-509 is designed to provide unique options for listening, control and system building. As a headphone amplifier it delivers audio that is balanced, smooth, dynamic and open. Its super-low-noise tube amplification circuitry ensures that even the costliest "phones will perform at their best". 
With the Mistral HP-509 building a true high-performance stereo system with amplifiers for each channel is within reach of any music lover. If you're a fan of all things digital the Mistral HP-509 will bring your digital music collection to a whole new level. With a built in USB/Sound card capability using a High End Burr-Brown PCM2702 DAC, music through the Mistral HP-509 with headphones or through a component audio system will be lush, lively and powerfully detailed. You'll wonder where all this music was before.




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