Valve Amplifiers from Mistral audio.

Mistral audio’s range of valve amplifiers and Hifi loudspeakers are the result of a joint venture Audio Design Services Limited (ADSworldwide), ADS China and Napa acoustics USA. Initially driven by enthusiasm, we realised we had produced a fantastic sounding valve amplifier using EL34 tubes. With a little tweak here and there and a stunning cabinet, we are very proud with what we produced.

When designing the Mistral range our objective was to retain all the advantages of valve / tube amplification whilst maintain the ease of use of a solid state amplifier. Our Valve amplifiers don't have the hard, brittle edginess that can afflict some solid state amplifiers. When Valve amps are driven to distortion the harmonics produced are extremely even across the range.

When done correctly, this produces are very harmonious sound  to our ears and this is why the Mistral range of valve amplifiers have their characteristic warm sound. Both the Mistral amplifiers can be driven hard and still sound fantastic, especially the Mistral MT 34 with it’s all valve construction, the Mistral valve amplifier will not suffer the problems solid state amplifiers demonstrate when driven into clipping, furthermore, there is no need for further electronic manipulation used in the hi-end amplifiers to deal with this.

As well as the fantastic valve amps (Tube amplifiers for the US fans) we have created a select range of terrific loudspeakers from the bookshelf 307s, the stand-mount Bow III and coming soon are two floor-standing stunning loudspeakers.

All our loudspeakers are designed to be sensitive enough to need very little driving and therefore work fantastically well with the valve / tube amplifiers as well as the decent solid state alternatives from the likes of Cyrus, Heed Audio,  Roksan etc.

MT-34 Pure Valve
DT-307A Valve Hibrid Amplifier / Bluetooth

DT-307DA Digital to Analogue Converter

DT-308 H-fi Bookshelf Loudspeakers

BOW 3 Hi-fi Bookshelf
4.5 Star -Hi-fi Choice -

DT-307S Hi-fi Bookshelf Loudspeakers

MM-2S Hi-fi Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Amplifiers and CD Players
Autumn 2013

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Mistral Bow-A2 Hi-fi loudspeakers
Mistral Bow-A3 Hi-fi loudspeakers
Mistral Reg-565 Hi-fi loudspeakers